Download for:

- macOS v11+
- iOS v14+
- watchOS v7+

OTPManager for watchOS

Without a doubt the 'pièce de résistance' of the OTPManager Application family. A 2FA Authenticator on your wrist, without any management interface, but unexpectedly useful and surprisingly elegant.

Apparently there are plenty of situations where you don't have your Mac or your iPhone handy, but thankfully still rocking the Apple Watch, so you can access your 2FA secured sites in any situation.

OTPManager for watchOS is a stand alone App, so it doesn't need an iPhone to work after the initial installation, although it needs a network connection to keep in sync.

We feel OTPManager for watchOS completes the Application family and since our goal is to deliver a seamless experience accessing your 2FA secured sites, without the watchOS App this would still be lacking.

If either the macOS or iOS app update the Token list, a notification will be send to the Apple Watch and the watch will synchronise the [copy of the] iCloud Keychain so your Tokens are always up-to-date. The Synchronisation can sometimes take a little while, please be patient when the watch is in sync.

Synchronisation only takes place when either the iOS or macOS App have altered the Token Collection. So when you have your Tokens the way you want them, there is no synchronisation delaying the use of the Apple Watch.