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- macOS v11+
- iOS v14+
- watchOS v7+


OTPManager is free to use software and it is important to us that everyone, despite financial circumstances, has access to a fully functional app. Furthermore we strongly believe in free utility software, especially when it is security related.

We find it really (really) annoying when we download a 'free' app that we would like to use but which is crippled and we need to pay $$ for it to function normally, or to get rid of ads. The latter also implies that the app is sharing user information... (which we don't)

Developing and maintaining software is not free, it actually takes a lot of time. So, in order to keep maintaining and developing further versions of OTPManager, we have created the option in the OTPManager app for iOS and macOS for voluntary in-app donation via in-app purchases.

Why this whole page about donations?
Firstly we want to be absolutely transparent about it and we don't want you to feel you have been tricked into donating. Secondly the donations are non-refundable (because, well, they are donations).

We offer two in-app donation options:

  • A one time donation of EUR 5,49 ($4,99) (once)
    This is valid for as long as you live, as in: you cannot choose this option ever again (within the same Apple ID). We don't want to trick you into donating this option multiple times. If you whish to donate more, consider the yearly donation.
  • A yearly donation of EUR 5,49 ($4,99) (per year)
    This is a yearly recurring payment and is active until the you manually cancel the subscription in your Apple ID Account. Uninstalling the OTPManager software does NOT stop a subscription. Please understand this before you opt to donate yearly, as the donations are non-refundable and it requires a manual action on your part to stop it.

We know there are a lot of bold sections of text and a lot of warnings, we don't want to scare you off from donating (quite the opposite actually), but we want to make sure that you know what you are getting into when you do it.

All proceeds from the donations, without exception, are used for maintaining and further developing the OTPManager software. This includes but is not limited to: support for the developers: food, rent, utility bills and such; hosting for the OTPManager software and site; marketing and legal costs; software and hardware for testing.

If you have donated to the OTPManager project, we are eternally gratefull. We love OTPManager and really hope we can continue with it as long as it is needed or useful.