Download for:

- macOS v11+
- iOS v14+
- watchOS v7+

OTPManager for macOS

OTPManager for macOS is the main interface to managing your OTP Tokens and is the Two-Factor (2FA) Authenticator.

An OTP Token is the result of calculating the One Time Password used in Two-Factor authentication. This is usually a six digit number that is valid for a period of 30 seconds.

OTPManager for macOS has import and export functionality, so you can easily include the One Time Passwords in your backup strategy.

The sidebar (which you can collapse for a minimal window experience) allows for fast access to all mayor functions, comprehensive information and the FAQ section.

OTPManager for the Mac offers a distraction free mode, where it can be launched at startup, as a toolbar only Application, without the Dock-Icon.

In the Toolbar Window, you can also drag to rearrange your tokens, access the preferences, and navigate all tokens without touching a mouse, just using the keyboard. A global shortcut to open the toolbar window is configurable in the preferences.

With the configurable global shortcut, keyboard navigation and 'enter' to copy the token onto the pasteboard, you really don't need to touch the mouse and disrupt your workflow.